Paula Plays Nice for the Media, But She is Pissed and Felt Blindsided…..Again!

See, I knew that Paula wasn’t ok with the firing.  How could she be?  What else does she have going on?  That’s the 2nd time that Simon has given Paula the boot.

According to RadarOnline, she heard a few weeks ago from Steve Jones that he was going to be cut and that she might also be toast.

After hearing that, Paula called up Simon to ask him what was really going on.  Simon admitted,

The powers that be at Fox didn’t think she was ‘edgy’ enough to be brought back, but that he was working on trying to convince them to keep her on. And he told her if by some twist of fate he couldn’t save her job, he would line something else up for her soon.

The funny thing is the news of the firing actually came from Simon’s lawyer, not Fox.  Hmmm….

“It was actually Simon’s lawyer who phoned her two days ago to tell her they made the decision to axe her, and although part of her expected the news, she was shocked,”

The rumors of who will fill her spot are buzzing.  The top contenders are Mariah and Beyonce  – although nothing has been mentioned officially by any of their reps to confirm or deny the rumors.   An insider tells Radar that the thought of those two upsets her,

“Paula will be really upset if one of those women ends up filing her chair, because neither woman has ever been on a panel and she doesn’t know what makes Simon, or anyone else, think someone inexperienced like that will help boost ratings.

“Simon is doing his best to blame the firings on Fox – but like Paula says, ‘Studio Execs obviously have a lot to say about what happens on their shows, but come on, I find it hard to believe anyone is going to tell Simon Cowell what to do.’”

At age 50, Paula’s options are dwindling, that’s why she is being careful to not go on record with her feelings or comments.  No need to burn a Cowell bridge, that could be a career ending move.


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