Taran Noah Smith Trades in Tool Time for High Times – Home Improvement Star Arrested for DUI and Drug Possession

The youngest kid of the Taylor household was arrested early Wednesday morning for DUI and drug possession.  Now 27 years old (Damn I’m getting old!!), Smith was arrested in LA around 1:00 AM in the morning.  To make matters worse, he was driving a 1998 Honda Accord.

The cops saw the car parked in front of a hydrant and went over to investigate.  The police reported Smith as high at the time and found “hash” in the car.


Smith at age 17 married a 33 year old, chef named Heidi Van Pelt.  Back in 2001 he sued his parents for earnings that he made from the show after they objected him marrying the older woman.  Due to the California law, 25% of the child’s income has to be put into a trust fund, he was given $1.5 million when he turned 18 and he was receiving almost $10,000 a month in interest and home Improvement residuals.

Needless to say, Smith and Van Pelt are now divorced.  After declaring an open marriage Van Pelt got upset that Smith was dating and the two underwent a bitter divorce.

This DUI arrest is just another chapter in Van Pelt’s life.  You would think, earning 2 million before the age of 16 would set you up for life.  It appears it’s set him up for failure.  Where’s Wilson when you need him.