The Biggest Loser, Week 4 – The Introduction of the Aqua Team – Drama, Drama Drama

The Aqua Team - Daphne and Adrian Dortch

Even though this is TV Smack Talk I really don’t do recaps, because you can go to the show’s own website for that.  What I do here is Smack Caps!  I talk smack.

If you are watching the Biggest Loser, then you have been polarized this entire Season.  That’s what the producers were and are doing.  It gives you a feeling of commitment when you hate or love something, you are emotionally committed.


You either hate or love Dolvett, you either hate or love Bob, and for sure you either hate or love the Aqua Team.  The Aqua Team consists of Adrian and Daphne; a brother and sister pair that were sent home on the first episode after losing the challenge.  Imagine making it to the Biggest Loser Ranch, just to get sent home the first day.  How cruel.  But wait….They were then given the challenge of having 4 weeks to lose 50 lbs. at home.  If they do that, they get to come back to the house.  The Aqua team had their mission, and chose to accept it.


When they show up, almost no one is happy to see them.  They are outsiders and different.  First they are Black.  Like it, hate it, call it what it is, they are.  That’s different. 2nd – Adrian is Loud, obnoxious and flamboyant.  How so?  He wore a damn Ascot to the first weigh in.  An ascot and a T-shirt. When asked about it, he said, “I’m fresh, I’m fly, this is me all day long”.  WTF???  He forgot to say, “I’m fat”.


He starts to dig his own grave with all the hootin’ and hollering during the initial weigh in.  I’m sure he was happy; because they knew they did the work, and knew they lost the weight but teams just voted someone off and were low on emotional energy so it seemed extremely out of place an annoying…even to me sitting at home.  So now they are in the house.  Of course everyone doubts their capability to handle the workouts, because by week 4, everyone feels like they are superstar athletes.  In their minds they are, because they went from NOTHING to working out nonstop and have only compared themselves against themselves.

When Adrian tells them, he has been working out 14 hours per day, it’s not really an exaggeration.  I believe he was or close to it.  He lost 36 lbs at  home!  That’s almost double digits every week by himself at home.  That’s 9 lbs per week, with no Bob, no Dolvett, no super fancy gym and diet tips.  Mark during the same time period lost the same amount of weight.  36lbs!  Jeremy, the biggest guy in the house lost 42 lbs, so 36 is fantastic.

Conda and Kim began to take that the claim of 14 hour works outs the wrong way, and feel insulted.  That’s the beginning of the end for Adrian.  Mix that, with his attitude, and hop hop swag (he is a music producer, but I don’t know what kind of music) and it’s too much for a house that has been through, what they think is a lot.  Bad for Adrian, great for the show, fantastic TV for us.



They continue to act like assholes until Mark who is acts as a leader of the team, pulls them together.  This is the right thing to do, however, once the team is together he stops leading.  He doesn’t take a stand and the meeting becomes useless.  Nancy does step up and say she is tire of the crap.  She is tired of listening to Conda and Kim talking about Adrian behind everyone’s back.  She was just sick of it.  But she also tells Adrian, listen more than talk – which at 34, he finds somewhat offensive but actually somewhat takes the advice. That initial meeting proved to do more harm then good.  Dolvett noticing the fragmentation of his team, pulls everyone together again.  This time it seems to be more effect and I’m starting to feel better about Adrian’s chances of staying around a few weeks…..until……



Both Adrian and his sister Daphne pull horrible numbers this week.  That is one of the reasons that they are given immunity.  The producers know that they are outsiders and that they have to get adjusted to the house.  Daphne pulls a -1.  I was shocked because she seemed like she was doing the work.  Then her body language when the scale read -1, seemed a little nonchalant.  This pissed people off.  She attributed it to the food in the house being different than what they had at home.  There were a lot more carbs – I guarantee that was at least part of the issue.  After being criticized in outtake segments for her weight loss and her reaction, Chism puts up a -2.  No one thinks twice about Chism or his nonchalant reaction.  The new guys are being held to a higher standard.


The same thing happens on the Red Team.  Adrian, complete with ascott and dumb head boppin is humbled and quieted by the scale.  He puts up a -2.  Everyone is shocked at his low number.  He also attributed it to the food.  Santa pulled a -4, Mark pulled a -4, and Conda a -2.  They SUCKED!!  So Adrian was right, they could have been stepping up their game, they could be doing mroe.  This means Dolvett needs to be hitting them harder, which is always his issue.


Here is where, Adrian makes all kinds of mistakes with his mouth.  It depends on how you look at it.  If he wants to stay in the house and win, then he “F’d” up.  If he wants to maintain his pride, be right, and make a stand, then he did the right thing.  There is no way you can do both.

During deliberation, where Adrian didn’t have to say anything because he was immune, he speaks up and asks that if anyone sees anything he could do better to let him know.  Phew! I thought he was going to say something stupid.  By now, at home every time he opens his mouth, it’s a tense moment.

Mark then, basically proceeds to call Adrian a liar.  Oh, you didn’t hear that?  Mark questions if Adrian is “Playing the game”, that’s why he got such a low number, Adrian is offended, and rightly so.  This is basically an attack on Adrian’s character.  This really pisses Adrian off because he thought Mark was sort of on his side.  “The game, what Game?”  Is his response, acting as if he is not aware, by Season 13, of “The game”.

During the vote, the team votes Nancy off, with a bunch of fake tears.  Now Adrian sees an opportunity to make a point, and does so right in the middle of saying good bye to Nancy,  Adrian opens his mouth.  Oy Vey!

But he does have a point.  He basically tells the team, what they just did, was “Play the Game”.  They voted off the person that, health wise, really needed to be there.  That was indeed playing the game.  In fact, that wasn’t even paying the game well.  Nancy lost -4 points this week, the same amount of weight as Mark!!

The statement from Adrian throws the whole room in a tizzy.  Kim, snaps in, “There is a right time and place for everything. ……Didn’t we say earlier you should listen, more than speak”.    Things get a little crazy until Nancy also sides with the team and says that Adrian is ruining the moment.

…WAIT A MINUTE….They just sent your dumb-ass home, he made a point for you, and you are worried about a moment.  They just took money out of your pocket.  Adrian, respectful to Nancy, shut it down and said no more, but the damage was done.  He set the stage for next week.  It’s going to be good, real good.  Adrian’s days are numbered unless he can prove to be a force on the scale.  He’s going to have to be “The Biggest Loser” next week to stand a chance of staying.  With only a 2 lbs loss this week he can do it.  His sister’s days are numbered as well, because of her association with him, her low numbers and what appears like breaks during the “homework” which is the workouts that are done without the trainers.

If you are not watching, you should be.  Watch last weeks episode online and you will be basically caught up on the drama and ready to go into this week.

Kudos to NBC for the production of this Season.  Hat’s off.  Dolvett is proving to be just as effective or more then Jillian.  …and for the record, they are all still eating way to much.  To do the work that they are doing and lose only 2lbs, means they are stuffing their face.  Why on earth are they frying eggs, that’s what got them there in the first place.


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