Tracy Morgan Responds – His Statement is Funny, but He Doesn’t Give Up Any Money [video]

Tracy and His Mom During Good Times

This is great.  After I posted yesterday about Tracy Morgan’s mom going to CNN for a phone interview pleading with her son for the money to save her house, Tracy responded today with a statement.   The interesting part about the statement is that he never says, that he is going to help his mom. OUCH!! In regards to yesterday’s reports, Morgan states,

I am saddened that these untrue stories about me have people questioning my commitment to my family.  For reasons that are between us, I have not seen my Mother (Alicia Warden) in 11 years and outside of a random call here and there have had little to no contact with my sister (Asia Morgan).”

As of this moment, I’m estranged from my own mother and most of my family, and I’m not sure that’s going to change much. I’m not saying why, I’m just saying that’s how it is,” he wrote. “It’s okay though. I’ve gotten used to it. I’m an island, kind of like Antigua: hot and humid, definitely a destination of choice if you want to get freaky or just kick back. And pretty isolated.

See.  That’s pretty funny, but no where does it say that he is going to contact his mom and help out.  There is no mention of him rectifying the situation, so as far as I’m concerned his commitment to his family is in questions.  The statement didn’t really clarify anything.

Youngston, Ohio Home Alicia Warden is Fighting to Save

With Tracy’s estimated networth of $18 Million, I don’t see why this is still a topic for discussion.

Apparently CNN wasn’t the only news outlet to receive an interview from Mrs. Morgan.  She did a local spot here on TV where you can see her in  the home, she is about to lose.

Peep the video:

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