Sean Kingston Owes IRS Money from 2009. They Slapped a Lien On his Property!

The last time we heard about Sean Kingston he was recovering from a horrible Jet ski accident.  No matter how hurt you are, there is always one family member who doesn’t care, especially when you owe him money.  That’s your Uncle.  UNCLE SAM!


The IRS has put a lien on his property and can confiscate it, if he doesn’t pay up.  He owes $131,000 in taxes for money he made back in 2009.  That’s cheese he made off of his second album “Tomorrow”.

If you think he’s hurting for money, think not.  He just moved from Miami to a Hollywood Hills Crib.  He was traumatized by the jet-ski incident.  So much so that just the sound of the waves being heard in his Star Island Mansion was giving him nightmares.  Awww…is the big, ‘stwong’, singer scared of the itty bitty sound of the waves….

With a networth of estimated at only $5 Million he can’t rightly afford a Hollywood Hills home, but he is leasing.  At age 22 if he doesn’t get his spending under control he might be owing more than $131,000.  He will be giving Dance Hall lessons in the mess hall of jail.


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