Kevin Hart and His Girlfriend Eniko at the “Think Like A Man Premiere”

Kudos to Kevin Hart, I guess funny brings you the booty and the money.  Standing at only 5′ 2″ he is dwarfed by his girlfriend Eniko Parrish. Rumor has it that he started dating Eniko before his divorce.

The first question everyone asks immediately is how tall is Eniko?

There is no official documentation on this but it appears that she is 5 feet 8 inches as estimated in the many pictures she has taken with Kevin on the Red Carpet since she has become his official “gf”. Eniko is an aspiring actress and model and knows a meal-ticket when she sees one, even if it’s wrapped in a tiny package.

Kevin hart poses on the red carpet with a much taller Eniko Parrish


As I started to do some Kevin Hart digging I came across this You tube video.  This is the reason why he is divorced.  This video shows his ex-wife Torrei Hart and she has to be one of the most annoying people who have ever graced Youtube.  Also note Hart’s interaction with her, he has this exhausted expression on his face that just screams, “I can’t stand this beeyatch!”  I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t with Eniko at this time, it was very soon after.