Ray J Talks About Relationship with Whitney Just One Day Before her Death. [video]


During his publicity tour for a new book he’s written entitled, Death of the Cheating Man, Ray J went on “The Insider” to drum up some sales.

Kevin Frazier interviewed Ray J and almost immediately asked him to confront the rumors that he was “seeing” Whitney again after the two were spotted dining together.  Ray J was quick to deny them.

“That’s my friend, I’ve been knowing her for years and years… she’s a friend of the family.”

He never directly answers if the two were ever intimately together.

“I have a lot of love for her, and I have a lot of respect for her.”

Frazier, as if he knew something was going to happen continues to eerily ask questions about Whitney Houston’s well being.  Ray J, who apparently is no stranger to tough questions, bobs and weaves all while being incredibly respectful to Whitney.  Plus he’s smart enough to know, by not saying “NO, nothing ever happened” that we will all keep thinking that “something did happen”.  Now with the sudden death of the Pop Diva, Ray J’s book might see a boost.

Well Played Sir.



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