Roseanne and Dan might Be Back Again, NBC Considering John Goodman for new Sitcom.

[sam id=”15″ codes=”true”]Just the mention of Dan brings you back to the Conner family, before the show “jumped the shark”, with the old Becky and when DJ was cute (not awkward).  That’s when Roseanne and Dan ruled the airwaves pulling in over 21 million viewers the first 2 Seasons.  That’s American Idol Numbers.

Roseanne is working on a new show with NBC called “Downardly Mobile”.  John Goodman is in the final stages of inking a deal to join the show.  This time it would be a boss employee relationship.  Rosanne would be playing the owner of trailer park where Goodman would work.  Similar to Roseanne the entire premise would be survival with a good sense humor in a struggling economy.

Unlike Roseanne, Goodman has been working steadily with a recurring role on “Community” , his role in “The Artist” and a few upcoming movies including  the Coen brother’s directed Inside Llewyn Davis.

Can Roseanne and John Goodman create the same magic?  Tim Allen appears to have struck gold by reusing his Home Improvement formula.  Only time will tell.


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