Was the Amazing Race Producer Poisoned or Was he Killed in a Botched Drug Smuggling Attempt?

Yesterday I reported that Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice and his production assistant were possibly poisoned after refusing to surrender their goods to local vandals.  Rice was found in his Ugandan hotel room dead, and his production assistant Catherine Fuller was in a coma.


Things get a little fishy today as an autopsy revealed that Rice had large amounts of cocaine in his stomach area.

‘Results from the analytical laboratory indicate that there was an overdose of cocaine. There was too much concentration in the stomach,’

This is usually an indication of a smuggling attempt gone bad.  Usually the person would be acting as a mule, ingesting balloons of cocaine and one of the balloons rupture releasing the dangerous drug into the stomach.

Some news reports are sticking to the original story suggesting that the two were forced to swallow the drugs by the thugs.

Fuller who survived has not yet given her side of the story.

Local police are not supporting the vandal theory any longer.  They released a statement expressing their view on the situation,

‘We ordered for another post mortem which revealed that it was caused by an overdose”

So there.  The only person that will really know is Catherine Fuller.  All eyes are on her, and all ears are ready to hear what really happened.  This is a true life mystery.  The question is, “Is it a ‘murder’ mystery”.


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