The Rosie Show Gets Cancelled – Oprah and OWN Put Us All Out of Our Misery!

What did I say?  Didn’t I tell you that the Rosie show sucked?

So does Oprah and she is wisely pulling the show.  Ironically Rosie will be taping the final show on her 50th birthday.  The show will run on March and that’s the end of that.

Donald Trump has got to be loving every minute of this.

Oprah has been taking hit after humbling hit with this whole OWN fiasco.  She politely thanked Rosie in a statement this week, calling Rosie “and incredible partner”

“As I have learned in the last 15 months, a new network launch is always a challenge and ratings grow over time as you continue to gather an audience,” Winfrey said. “I’m grateful to Rosie and the dedicated ‘Rosie Show’ team for giving it their all.”

Rosie has continued to slip in ratings and Rosie and OWN was not enough to get top talent to Chicago to appear on the show.  After a strong premiere show, the audience quickly slipped away dwindling down to 150,000 in the past weeks.


There was an attempt to change the format but it might have been too little too late.  Then there was the news that Rosie put her huge Chicago home up for sale.  She just brought it last year.  Hmmm…  I guess now it all makes sense.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Rosie is not really to blame.  Some of the fault gets attributed to a “top-heavy organization plagued by turnover among executive producers “.  There is no doubt that the corporate churn had to affect the attention that a show of this importance should have received.

Rosie’s parting words,

“I loved working with Oprah in the amazing city of Chicago, I was welcomed with open arms and will never forget the kindness of all I encountered. It was a great year for me — I wish the show was able to attract more viewers — but it did not. So I am headed back to my home in New York — with gratitude. On we go!”

let’s see if that’s all Rosie has to say, or if she will have more harsh parting words in the days to come.  This will no doubt stick a fork in her Talk Show career for another decade or so.  Good ridden – I mean seriously…the show was awful.  Oprah’s the Next Chapter was a great move for OWN and now cancelling Rosie.  This might be the start of some people making the right decisions around there.  Time will tell.


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