Ryan Sheckler Gets Robbed of $100K in Jewels by A Stripper While He Sleeps Like a Baby!

Ryan Sheckler got tricked by a trick.  I’m a TV junkie so it’s no surprise I’m a fan of MTV’s “Life of Ryan” so Sheckler’s my dude.  Well Ryan is now 22 years old and wealthy.  Wealthy enough to afford to get robbed of $100,000 in jewelry.


Stacy Salazar is a girl that Sheckler has known for 4 years.  He took her back to his room and at 3:45 fell asleep.  The next thing he heard was the door closing, and he noticed that Stacy was gone.  He apparently went back to sleep.  When he awoke a few hours later, he noticed that Stacy wasn’t the only thing gone – so was his jewelry.

Here is the breakdown of Ryan’s Jewels:

  • Rolex Watch: $12,500
  • Diamond and Gold Bracelet $14,975
  • Diamond Ring $63,275
  • As well as a Diamond necklace.


The cops knew that Sheckler was telling the truth about the Rolex because it can be seen from the security camera in the elevator.  He clearly had it when they entered the room.

At 5:05 A.M. the camera shows Salazar leaving Ryan’s room and getting into the elevator while fumbling with her shoulder bag.  Then she stops the elevators doors from closing, walks back to the room and speaks to Ryan from the door.  After a minute of conversation, she hops on the elevator and bounces.

Stacy Salazar defended against the allegations by saying that it wasn’t Ryan but his childhood friend who nabbed the jewels.  The police thought the video evidence was overwhelming and took Salazar into custody.  That’s called grand theft larceny.


Salazar - Doing what she Does Best

If you feel bad for Stacy don’t. According to the website http://thedirty.com/ Stacy is a stripper that works at the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Vegas.  She has a reputation for this kind of “hood-rat” behavior.

STACY SALAZAR she use to be a dancer in LA and was trying to date all the skaters out there and get in the groupie thing… She dated Robb Dyrdrek for a while F*cked Drama and Ryan Sheckler and i think the guy turbo…EWWWW … She also is suing 15 strip clubs in the LA area…. Can we say MONEY GRUBBING WH*RE….


Stacy Salazar use to be on ROB and BIG u know the girl that would not leave rob for 10millon>>>>. LOL Well she would… she would for about $1500-2000 thats what she said she usually would get for a night out with her……

Sounds to me, they got the right girl.


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