Indianapolis Colts Defensive End, Dwight Freeney was taken for $2.2 million By Financial Advisors.

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This is the same thing that happened to T.O.  These players are just not watching their money.  Imagine making so much money that you don’t notice that 2.2 million dollars is missing!  No, I can’t.  I really can’t.

Eva Weinberg and Michael Stern not only took Freeney for $2.2 million but tried to bounce out of the country.

Weinberg was Freeney’s financial advisor for the past 2 years.  She handled all his personal finances, real estate and business investments.  This way Freeney can just concentrate on doing what he does best… football.

When things were investigated, it was shown that $2.2 million dollars was sent to a company called Arm’s Reach Consulting.  Guess who owned the place?  Michael Stern who also happened to be Eva Weinberg’s lover.  The money was transferred in 140 transactions, that’s an average of $15K each transaction.  Freeney didn’t approve or even know the transactions even existed.


Freeney makes about $14 million per year.  Each $15K transfer is like someone making $100,000 per year transferring $107.  I would know for a fact if $107 was missing from my account.  Do that 140 times over 2 years, I would definitely know.

An FBI informant recorded Stern saying that he used the money to pay personal bills and had plans to by a private jet. He planned to travel to LA to scoop up Eva Weinberg and flee to either the Bahamas, Trinidad or Israel.

The Feds got him just in time.  I wonder if Freeney will get his money back.  At 6’1” tall and 268 lbs. I wouldn’t really be f@#kin with his money.



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