Did Sore Loser Lance Armstrong Just Diss his 13 Year Old Daughter?? [video]

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Now that his career in cycling is official over, Lance has switched to his first love, triathlons.   Swim – Bike – Run.  In that order.

Sunday’s race was not just a regular triathlon, it was an Ironman, which consists of: 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling and 26.2 miles of running.

I need a Vitamin Water just typing that out.

Lance came in a disappointing 7th place.  He was visibly pissed and what it looked like from the video, apparently in the “Pissed off Zone”.


One of his 10 year old twin daughters was at the finish line waiting to see him finish with what looks like a “Daddy” homemade medal and Lance pulls a Tiger Woods and blows right by her without even acknowledging her existence.   Form the video, I’m sure he could hear her, but not too sure he could see her or even knew that she was following him.  Either way, he blew her off Tough….and to make it even worse, it’s caught on video.  The Daddy Diss Seen around the world.  Hee hee hee.


Lance used to be career triathlete, and ranked at the top of his class when he was 19 so he is used to winning.  He has plans on getting to the top of his game now hence his frustration at the 7th place showing.  For him to win these thing would require him to come out of the biking portion with a lead, without that lead, he’s toast, as Armstrong puts it,

‘The last lap was disappointing.

I just didn’t have anything in the tank. And I wanted a bigger gap coming off the bike. I have to (have it). There’s no hope if I come off the bike (close).’

Last month, he came in second at the 70,3 Panama triathlon so his expectations of a first place finish are in alignment with his capabilities.

Peep game as he gives his daughter the “Cold Shoulder”

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