Rumors say Jaleel White Got Crazy During Rehearsal, the Stars Say Reports were Exaggerated

The reports that Jaleel White flipped out on his Dancing with the Start Partner just can’t be ignored. This follows the story from his baby’s mother last week who said that he actually pushed her into the toilet!

It was hard to believe Urkel went thug, but it looks like he is comfortable with the role.

A source…(yeah I know…but it’s always a source), says that during rehearsal Jaleel was the aggressor.  He stepped on his partner Kym Johnson’s foot by accident, and when she said “Ouch”, Urkel flipped out.

Jaleel told her, to stop acting like a baby and then called her an idiot.  Johnson was so upset at the exchange that she ran out of the rehearsal studio in tears.  Donald Driver stepped in at attempts to mediate the situation, Urk went off.


Jaleel then starts going off on everyone including the producers.  He yelled at them asking how they could put him with such a “stupid partner”.

Mark Ballas (one of the pro-dancers) tries to intervene and Jaleel tells him,

‘You remind me of that annoying sitcom neighbor who gets into everyone’s business.’

Things got stopped just short of getting physical.  Jaleel was all up in Ballas’ face.  White had to be banned from the rehearsal studio for the rest of that day.

Jaleel then demanded his own rehearsal space.


Jaleel released a statement to People.com expressing that the entire situation was over exaggerated.

‘It was completely exaggerated, We go to work every day, and there is an alley full of tabloid reporters. It’s not fair to us and that’s life, and I hope people can see through it. There’s no drama in my life.’

‘They literally do not let you rehearse without a camera, You’re watching everything, and it’s tough.’


Johnson also downplayed it, as if nothing happened,

‘This has been a stressful week for us, and people have stressful weeks. [Today] was horrible. I thought we got through it really well, and our dance tonight will show everyone that we really have a great connection.

‘This is really the first week we only had four days to learn [the rumba].’

Ballas was the only one that really shed some insight on everything.  He basically came right out and said the story was all made up,

‘These things happen. This show is a competitive show. Things get heated… This got severely twisted. We’ve been in the same room all night, and everything’s fine.’

When questioned by TMZ Ballas said the whole thing was fake,

‘We’re in LA man… everything’s fabricated.’

I think it was real, and it all happened.  If it did happen it’s on tape and we will see for our selves soon enough.  Jaleel might not be cut out for this modern day stardom.   Like he said,

‘I’m a sitcom generation kid. I’m not used to all this tabloid stuff.’

Peep Jaleel’s Rumba and the tears afterwords.  Still not sure if he gets the man pass or not.  I’m swaying towards not.  It was borderline b*tch.  J

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