Kris Humphries Rejects Kim Kardashians $7 Million Dollar “Get Out of Marriage” Money.

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Kris Humphries is sticking to his guns. Big Kris is proving to everyone that he can’t be brought, despite the rumors that he is after Kim’s money.

Kim’s legal team offered him $7 million as a divorce settlement. That’s more the $97,000.00 for every day he was married to Kim Kardashian. Humphries wants no part of it. He insists that the entire wedding was a fraud and he wants Kim and her family to admit to the entire thing being staged.

The New York Post reports,

“Kim’s camp is depicting him as money-hungry, but in fact he turned down a $7 million settlement. Her camp is putting out stories about ‘Kim’s divorce hell’ hoping he’ll cave in, but he won’t.

“Kris wants Kim to admit to fraud, to admit the whole thing was staged for publicity, to make a public apology to him because he really wanted a marriage.”

Kris filed a response to Kim’s petition in the form of an annulment based on fraud. He is also demanding that Kim reveal how much money she really cashed in on from the wedding. A number that Kris feels she has never really be honest about. Kris has turned over his finances including bank and credit card statements. Kim has not.

A source close to Kim says she never offered up the $7 million.


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