Rick Ross Cancels Yet Another Appearance Due to Seizures

The Boss, Rick Ross’ health continues to be a concern.  He had to cancel yet another appearance, this time in Guyana.  He was supposed to “Do Work” at the Guyana National Stadium on Monday but had to cancel after it was reported that he had another seizure.

Ross’ promoters released a statement to the fans and the concerned public,

“The artist has suffered a medical emergency and has been ordered by his doctors not travel,”

Seizures plagued the end of last year for Ross after having back to back seizures while traveling.  He canceled a Greensboro Coliseum concert as a result.

Rick Ross Says Lack of Sleep Causes the Seizures

Ross made an appearance on 106 and Park last year where he told fans that the reason for the seizures was lack of sleep,

 “It was a case of me not getting enough rest, enough sleep”

He said that they ran the full gambit of tests on him, HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis and he’s a specimen of good health.   Somehow I don’t think that it’s lack of sleep.  Weighing in over 300 lbs the 6 ft 2 inch rapper could stand lose a few “L” “B”’s.

Can Rick Ross really have a seizure from lack of sleep?

Not likely.  The lack of sleep can excite a seizure that is brought about by another ailment such as epilepsy.

Other possible causes for seizures include:

Quitting Alcohol cold turkey – A sudden stoppage of the liquor could cause tremors, hallucinations and seizures.

Cocaine – By far the biggest possible cause of them all.  40 percent of all cocaine users can have a seizure will using.

Diabetes – there is a chance that the rapper could be diabetic.  If a diabetic doesn’t eat enough after taking their meds they can have a seizure or a stroke.  Although Ross never confirms he has diabetes he does say that in one of his songs,

“all I got was diabetes and a damn hug,”

Let’s hope whatever he has he gets it under control.  I’m going to need some Maybach music when I get my Maybach!!

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