Total Recall 2012 Release Date August 3, 2012 – Movie Trailer

I wouldn’t call the first Total Recall a classic, but if you like Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you like over the top action, if you enjoy corny one-liners then this is as classic as it gets.  It’s hard to believe the original was released in 1990 and we all forget that it also starred Sharon Stone.  Let’s not forget the scene with the alien that had three breasts!  I too wish I had three hands during that scene.

The remake is still based on Philip K. Dick’s 1966 “We can Remember it for You Wholesale”.  The entire storyline is the same right down to the name Douglas Quaid.  This time around Schwarzenegger is being replaced with Collin Farrell and his wife will be played by Kate Beckinsale.

The concept was so good a remake could actually be a good thing but is a remake ever as good as the original?  From the trailer it sure looks like a good attempt.

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