Two and a Half Men’s 10th Season Deal is Very Close To Being Finalized – Over 36 Million Will be Paid Out.

Another epic television pay day is very close to being cemented.  This time deals are only being signed for one season which will be the shows 10th.  Cryer and Jones contracts were up and they are hours from being granted an extension.  Despite the shows recent criticism they have negotiated the same salary package and have managed to squeeze out a bonus in the process.  Deadline reports the salaries to be as such

  • Kutcher: $700,000
  • Cryer: $500,000
  • Jones: $300,00

At first glance that doesn’t seem like too much.  But then you remember….that’s per episode!!! Bonuses can also be huge.  Jone’s last year was $500k.

If no one pulls a Charlie Sheen then the Season should run 24 episodes…so let me do the math for you,

So their salaries for season 10 of Two and a Half men Will be

  • Kutcher: $16.8 Million
  • Cryer: $12 Million
  • Jones: $8 Million

The final deal is expecting to be completed in the next two weeks.  Rumor has it that Chuck Loree wants to end the show after the 10thseason but no firm plans have been made. [more…]

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