Britney Spears is Confirmed as X-Factor judge for $15 Million, A Slap in the Face to Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger!

Britney Spears is officially on board as a judge on the X-Factor, although I still think $15 million is way too much, but who am I to argue with the great Simon Cowell.  So far it’s L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell and Britney heading into Season 2 with 2 more positions left to fill.

When the rumors of the deal emerged about two weeks ago, it was almost a done deal but as you can imagine a deal of that magnitude needed to have all it’s I’s dotted and T’s crossed before going public.  Simon and his team approached Spears with $10 Million and she countered with $20 million, they settled in the middle, but only for one year.


In my opinion her $15 Million dollar contract will ruin this entire endeavor in terms of profitability.  Just think Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger received $2.5 Million and $1.5 Million respectively.  You are going to pay a “has been” Spears who hasn’t proven herself yet in this genre of television more then 4 times what you paid judges who have experience in this area.  $15 Million for Mariah Carey or Beyonce seemed a tad high but acceptable, for Spears it’s jut plain ludicrous.  The winner receives $5 million so before the first performance the entire production is in the hole $20 Million.

Rumor has it the last remaining spot will go to either Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus.  Spears at the $15 Million mark will have a significant impact on how much they will now command for one season.  Are they experienced enough as performers to be judges on the X-factor? Not at all.  You are going up against L.A. Reid, and Cowell himself, both men who have developed talent for a living. Lovato is only 19 for crying out loud, Reid has socks older then her.

I, like the  executives at Fox have given Cowell enough rope to hang himself. He will either die or pull off the greatest singing show since Idol.  The last remaining judge and nailing down the shows host are two huge undertakings that need to happen quickly and will also have a huge impact on the success of Season 2.   The announcements are scheduled to happen on or before May 14th.  Stay tuned.

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