Tyler Perry and Mathew Fox Are Anything But Themselves In New Pics From Newest Alex Cross Film

Have you seen the movie stills from Alex Cross?  When I saw them I was intrigued by two things.

One is the fact that Tyler Perry is starring in a movie that isn’t a Tyler Perry Movie, and he’s not wearing a dress!  Perry actually has the lead role as Alex Cross.  Cross is a Washington DC detective based on a character pulled from the novels written by James Patterson.  Morgan Freeman played the original Dr. Alex Cross in Kiss The Girls.  Edris Alba was originally tapped for the role before it was given to Perry.

The second thing you notice is Mathew Fox.  I’m still trying to find the details on the workout program and diet that Fox used for this role.  From the pictures below Fox had to be around 4% body fat.  At age 45, that is not an easy feat.  Long gone are any of the former notions of Charlie Salinger from “Party of Five” or Lost’s Jack Shephard, we are introduced to serial killer, cage fighter, all around bad ass Picasso! In all the stills from the movie Mathew looks every bit the psychopath his character, Picasso is.  I can’t wait for the Trailers!!

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