DC Announces that One of its most Identifiable Characters will be Coming out of the Closet?

This announcement was made at the Kapow Comic Convention  in London.  Da DiDio who is DC’s co-publishers, was challenged when he stated that they would introduce new LGBT characters instead of switching the sexuality of an existing one.  That was the policy.  He was asked how come it was ok to change everything else, including race, but not sexual orientation. He blew everyone’s socks off when he said, that that policy has since been removed!  He then announced that they will be bringing an existing character out of the closet.  The only hint to the identity was his description of the character as “one of our most identifiable characters.”

Just like Obama, DC’s opinions have evolved.


Northstar was the first openly gay superhero officially coming out in print in the 90’s.  Scott Lobdell is the writer behind the comic and he will be announcing the characters recent engagement to boyfriend Kyle on The View tomorrow.

Gay superhero’s haven’t hit the mainstream yet, however they’ve been slowly integrated in many of the newer comic book series, Young Avengers, Batwoman, 52 and Astonishing X-Men all have gay characters.

It’s hard to predict who would be openly gay.  I have a suspension that it’s Tim Drake, although I wouldn’t be that happy with that decision.  Not that he would be gay, but he’s had many women, switching him would be more about satisfying social peer pressure then creating a good, realistic (in the comic book sense of the word) storyline.

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