Zuckerberg is no Suckerberg! Pre-nup or Not, Timing of his Marriage Was Pure Genius

Sidebar: Priscilla doesn’t look as happy as she should for a new bride, let alone a BILLIONAIRE.  WTF!  Smile Beyatch!!

It hasn’t been published yet weather Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan had a Pre-nup or not, but in regards to getting married, Zuckerberg could not have planned it any better.  Friday his net worth ballooned near the $20 billion mark after Facebook’s IPO.  After which, he married his longtime girlfriend.

The two live in Pao Alto, California.  California is a state where if you do not have a Pre-nup and you get a divorce, the spouse is entitled to 50% of everything you earned during the marriage.  PAUSE…

50% of everything you earned….DURING THE MARRIAGE.  This was the case with Kobe Bryant.  Although his wife wasn’t with him when he was shooting at the gym, she is still entitled to half of everything he made while they were married.

Zuckerberg is a genius.

Had he not married Priscilla then they would be known as common-law husband and wife at which if they broke up, Priscilla could petition the fact that they lived together and agreed to pool resources and efforts.  This would then give the decision to a judge to decide if Chan would get 50% or not.  By marrying Chan officially Zuckerberg is essentially restarting the clock on his earnings back to 0 at the time directly after the IPO.

The wedding also gives Zuckerberg’s networth a solid figure and date, should the two get divorced he will have an accurate amount of his wealth at the time of marriage.

Trump who has been married 3 times and divorced twice is an expert in this field.  He gave Zuckerberg some advice last week, little did he know that four days later, Mark would be getting hitched.  Trump advised,

‘So the question is [that Zuckerberg] has this lovely girlfriend – I’m sure she’s lovely – and they get married, and if for some reason over the next couple years they get divorced, and then she sues him for $10billion and she hit the jackpot like no body!’  .

‘In New York, she would get a big chunk of what he has.’

Since being married Zuckerberg has managed to lose roughly 2- 3 billion so if they were to divorce today technically she would get a bill!  Let’s hope we have a case of true love and all of this pre-nup discussion will be a moot point.

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