Jillian Michaels Haitian adopted Daughter – 01

Jillian Michaels First Pictures With New Born Adopted Baby From Haiti

Jillian Michaels was spotted with her new daughter.  The 38 year old fitness guru was seen out and about with her baby yesterday for the first time in Malibu.

In January she revealed just how grueling the adoption process was, but she was excited that she was matched.  Michaels stated,

‘I’ve been matched with a little girl. I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl, and by the grace of God, I got matched up with her.’

Michaels decided to take time off of her busy schedule and left The Biggest Loser to focus on the adoption process.  Her plan is to adopt two children and she entered a home study process to prepare.  She was criticized from an article in Women’s Health when she said that she,

can’t handle doing that [pregnancy] to my body.

She then explained later in the LA Times that this was a misquote, and hinted to medical issues that could possibly prevent her from child bearing.

In 2010 in Ladies Home Journal she also came out about her bisexuality which could also make having a child a little difficult.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Michaels was quoted as saying that if the adoption didn’t work out that we wouldn’t see her,

“You’ll know why I’m devastated and not coming out of my house for months,”

Looks like Jillian won’t have to go into hiding.  Check out the pics below.  I can’t lie, that baby’s cute!

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