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Justin Bieber Loses His Cool On a Photographer – Someone Gets Roughed Up, but Who?

The Bieb lost is cool.  When you are a superstar, losing your cool can cost you money regardless if it was justifiable or not.

The Bieb just wanted to take his lady out to the movies, that’s all.  Upon leaving the theater at The Commons at Calabasas there was a photographer there ready to take their picture.  Somehow this tuned into an altercation and from the looks of the pictures, it appears a physical one.


The after math is a 911 call from the reporter who complained that he had chest pains and was taken to the hospital.  He was released shortly after.  The police were called to the scene but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were gone!

The photographer filed a police report making the incident official.  Now Bieber will be investigated for misdemeanor criminal battery.  Ha!

“Bieber Hit me!  Boo hoo!”

Although it’s not exactly clear what happened during the scuffle, you can see that Justin Bieber is super pissed, his hat flew off, and he lost a shoe.  Not a good look if you are trying to say that nothing happened.  A bit of advice for the Bieb, you might want to pull up your pants and where a size bigger if you are gonna scrap.  It’s hard to bob and wave in skinny jeans.  Check out these photos, Justin is pissed!!

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