Mariah Carey’s HIV Positive Prostitute Sister Wants a Relationship with Her Sister and her New Family.

How’s that for a headline.  Who Knew?  I know I’m supposed to be Mr. Gossip, but I for sure didn’t know this. Mariah Carey has a sister that used to be a prostitute…and she is HIV positive.  WTF!!

Hasn’t Mariah been  making crazy cheese for crazy long?  How can this be?

Alison Carey Scott hit the news this week as she is trying to get Mariah to talk to her again.  At age 50 now she wants to be an Aunt and wants to meet her twin niece and nephew.

She reached out to the Britain paper The Sun and said,

“I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family… I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time. I saw photographs of them on the television just after they were born… They are absolutely adorable… I am sure Mariah is going to be a fantastic mother and her husband Nick Cannon, who I’ve heard nothing but good things about, will be a great father. I just wish Mariah would let me be her sister again and a proper auntie to her children.
“I know we have had so many problems over the years, but I want to reach out to her in the hope that we can make peace and mend the wounds that have torn our family apart.”

You want to know why Mariah doesn’t talk to her sister.  Read this right here,

“I reached out to Mariah last year when a doctor told me I had liver cancer and only four months left to live. A relative told me Mariah decided she wanted to reconcile and she would pay for my treatment. But I never heard from her. It turned out to be nothing more than a gallstone. But it would have been nice if my sister had been there for me.”

How in the world do you go from having 4 months to live to having Gallstones.  Beyatch Please!  She goes on to say,

“I’ve had my problems over the years but I want to tell Mariah I have been clean and sober for four months now and I am absolutely determined to keep my life on track. I really want our family to be together again, and watch my children playing with hers. If I had a message it would be, ‘Just call me’.”

I think she’s going to be waiting a long time for that phone call.  Just because your sibling is super rich and super famous doesn’t mean anything.  Tracey Morgan and his mom and siblings most recently made the news.  The issue is that some of these celebrities work so hard on the come up and if you didn’t support and believe in them when they had nothing, they don’t forget that.  I might look at Mariah or Tracey Morgan and pass judgment but I’m not them.


I’m not sure how deeply they were hurt by those they refuse to communicate with, although if I had Mariah Carey money, there would be very few things that would actually bother me.  She’s worth over $500 million, it would be hard for anyone in my family to want for anything……ever.  Even if they did something to me, I would still make sure they were cared for.  Isn’t that the purpose of having money? But who am I to judge.

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