There has been an official Iron Patriot Sighting on the Set of Iron Man 3.

Who is Iron Patriot?  It’s a long story especially for this website but I will attempt to give the Reader’s Digest version.  Some people incorrectly described him as an Iron Man version of Captain America.  Not quite right, but not entirely wrong.

The confusing part is that it brings Spider Man and Ironman/Avengers worlds together all linked by one person by the name of Norman Osborn.  Very similar to how Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) pulls together the Avengers.

Osborn was a villain turned hero after he helped to save the world from an alien invasion by the Skrulls.  He then takes his new fame and fortune and starts to turn super villains into super heroes.  He then turned the superheroes into villains in the eyes of society. Confused yet?

The series of comic books that chronicle this tale is referred to as the “Dark Reign” Saga.  A chapter of that includes “Dark Avengers”….do you see where this is going?  Osborn took super villains and had them portray The Avengers while he himself became a rebranded Iron Man.  He wore the suit but painted it like an American Flag and called himself Iron Patriot.

The confusing part is that Sony owns Spider man and Iron man is owned by Disney/ Marvel.  That means that there is absolutely no cross pollination of characters including Norman Osborn.

So that leaves way more questions than answers and the sighting of the suit leaves a whole internet full of comic book geeks on the look out for solutions to these questions.   Half are hopeful that some sort of Disney/Marvel/Sony marriage has happened behind the scenes.  Rest assured,  the comic book diehards will insure that we have many of the answers well before the 2013 release date of Iron Man 3.


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