Guns N Roses Lead man Axl Rose Robbed of $200K of Jewelry by a French Model!

Guns N’ Roses lead man Axl rose was robbed.  After a concert performance in Paris, he was robbed of three gold and diamond necklaces that were worth something to the tune of $200,000.

After their show, the band attended a private gathering at Bercy stadium where  he necklaces were said to be stolen.

Although details on the incident are still be released, authorities say that Axl was not actually wearing the chains so they weren’t ripped off his neck.

The next day just as mysterious as the jewels disappeared, they reappeared.  A young French model turned the jewelry into the police, when asked how she got the necklaces she claimed that she had no idea how she ended up leaving the party with them, and was promptly arrested.  $200,000 is grand theft larceny so she was arrested for possession of stolen goods.

She might have been better off mailing them back anonymously.  You know what they do to Young French models in jail right?  Neither do I but I could only imagine!!

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