lil kim at LA Pride Festival 03

Lil Kim Embarrasses Herself AGAIN, At the LA Pride Festival

How embarrassing.  I mean really. Doesn’t she have a stylist?  A personal trainer? How about just a good friend?

Lil Kim performed at the LA Pride Festival in West Hollywood and redefined the term “Hot Mess”.  I honestly thought she was a drag queen doing a bad impression of herself.  She looked like a over made cabbage patch kid in tights.

She had an array of costume changes, each one looking more foolish then the next.  Her entire set was just embarrassing.  During one set she had ninja’s wearing handkerchief scarves.  WTF!

Lil Kim had skills, sex appeal and talent.  All she has now is a loud mouth and a “Queen Bee” attitude.  Mix that with a bad weave and enough plastic surgery to make Joan Rivers cringe and you have this pathetic 37 year old trying to chase the limelight which she is too out of shape to catch.

I know she is only 4ft 11 inches but she is no longer little.  Somewhere Nicki Minaj is looking at these photos and laughing her oversized ass off. 

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