Joan Rivers, Her New Book, and How it’s been Banned from Costco. [video]

Rivers who at age 79 is as outspoken as ever has released a new book entitled, “I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me”.  It’s the first comedy book to be banned from Costco.  Make no mistake, this is something that Rivers is not only proud of, but probably will end up being better publicity then the store could have given it if it was selling it.  Sort of how Dominoes’ indirectly promoting the Jersey Shore by banning their ads from running on MTV after the first episode aired.

Rivers says about the Costco ban,

“We are the first book ever banned from Costco, These are people that sell K-Y jelly by the pound. They banned my book because it’s wild, it’s outrageous, and it’s hilarious. If The New York Times thinks it’s okay, I would rather have them than Costco.”

Another notable in the book is her criticism of how homosexuality and how it’s portrayed in “Glee”.  She says,

“I’m sick of seeing happy homosexuals in high school, The gay guys, who I adore, were not running around in high school singing and dancing. They were hiding, frightened they would be beaten to a pulp. Plus, Lea Michelle isn’t in high school — she’s a 37-year-old woman.”


She is right, back in the 1900’s when she was in high school, in the one room school house on the Prairie Gay people were frightened and beaten. The sad part is that some are still today.  However shows like Glee make it not only “acceptable” to be Gay but make it not “judgeable” which is more important than being “accepted”.  Just like you don’t have the right to judge someone for being a certain ethnicity; you don’t have the right to judge someone for being certain sexuality.  Being accepted is step one, and not being a judgeable criteria is step 2 and Glee is helping with both.


Rivers has not slowed down in her old age, she has two shows: E! Fashion Police and the reality show Joan & Melissa as well as talk show appearances and book promotions.  She told USA today,

 I love my job. I’m one of the lucky ones that got to make a living doing what they like. I’m making people laugh. I’m performing in two shows. I’m not tired. I’m so happy. How lucky did I get? You get to my age and you realize how lucky it is. I’m very aware of it. I live in New York but fly to L.A. for two days every week to tape (Police) and have dinner with Cooper.

Here is Joan Rivers on a recent book promo interview on the Wendy Williams Show….HOW YOU DOIN???

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