Stunt for DVD Release of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Goes Awfully Wrong [Video]

A stunt went terribly wrong when Mike Gaboff from Millstone NJ was shooting a scene for the DVD release of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.  The movie came out today and the footage seems flawless.  Only from the raw armature footage can you see what can only be described as a stunt gone really, really wrong.

Gaboff was supposed to be set on fire, ride his motorcycle up a ramp through glass and land in a lake.

Things went wrong not only with the fire but with the motorcycle and the ramp as well.  Gaboff rides up the ramp, through the glass and then becomes detached from the bike and he and the motorcycle are launched over the entire lake hitting the ground from a height of six stories. Because he didn’t land in the lake he suffered burns along with a ridiculous amount of other physical injuries.

The injuries he suffered will probably end his career as a stunt man.  Gaboff says that he literally thought he was going to die,

 “I’m like, ‘I’m about to die,.That’s how I felt.”

Gaboff broke his lower back, pelvis, neck, both arms, ribs, collar bone, and also suffered collapsed lungs and second-degree burns.

He says that he had a bad feeling about the stunt, the whole thing seemed a little shady to him,

“I’m just like, ‘this is sketchy’ The lake was so short and I’m like, ‘I’ve got this big…motorcycle and I’m supposed to jump this eight-foot ramp into this little pond? Are you serious?’”

The company that hired him says that Gaboof was hired for his expertise and it was his job to make sure everything was ok,

 “[Gaboff was hired] as an independent third party and was fully responsible for the design and execution of the stunt. Any claims to the contrary are false…”


Gaboff has spent the last two months in the hospital and racked up over $1 Million dollars in medical bills that he has no medical insurance for.  He was an independent contractor.  These are the costs he is or will be suing for.

So far Sony has not received notice of any lawsuits.  Gaboff says that he now has a new outlook on life,

 “I learned the beauty of life,” he says of the experience. “It’s not about stunts.”

Here is a look at the stunt gone wrong…..OUCH!!

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