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Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams is Worth 25 Million – Take the Bentley, she can by another.

Jennifer, Toyota Called – They want their Bentley Back!!

Toyota Motor Corp has tried a few times to quietly claim their property but they are now taking legal action.  They want Jennifer to not only return the car but to pay the $92,000 owed on the car as well.

However don’t be fooled.  Jennifer is not like the other basketball wives, she truly is a well educated business women.  She would be the first one to tell you that herself!  I suspect the Bentley and subsequent payments all have something to do with her divorce with Eric Williams.  The 2006 car was purchased in 2009.  A rep for Miss Williams stated,

 “Jennifer hasn’t been served documents in reference to this lawsuit. Anything related to community property acquired during the marriage, such as the car, is an issue that is currently being addressed in her divorce proceedings.”

While Jennifer was married to Eric she was building her real estate empire with her position as a high end broker.  She parlayed that money into work out company “Flirty Girl Fitness”.  That’s right, Jennifer owns Flirty Girl Fitness.  We also cannot forget her cosmetic line Lucid Cosmetics.  This brings her net worth somewhere around $25 million.  So I think the Bentley situation is more semantics then affordability.

As most already know, Jennifer will not be returning for the 5th installment of basketball wives.  Although she is good friends with Shaunie O’neal the show’s creator, Shaunie says that she could not save her.  I think it’s a blessing in disguise for Williams.  You’ve used the show to launch your cosmetics, take the free publicity and continue to do you.  Haters will always hate.

Rumor has it that Jennifer was fired due to her lawsuit against Nia Crooks, proving her to be too much of a liability.  Dwight Howard’s gag order on Royce finally did her in, and Kesha  was too boring to keep around.  The new cast will be revealed once everyone is finalized.

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