Charlie Sheen’s Former Assistant Found Dead in His Apartment. Dead For Days Before Discovered

Rick Calamaro was found dead in his apartment on Sunday.  Police reports say that the time of his death was actually several days earlier.  Calamaro was surrounded by pain meds and an open bottle of alcohol.  So far his cause of death has not been determined but as can imagine, drugs are expected to be the culprit.

Calamaro was a club promoter and a member of Charlie Sheen’s entourage  He was actually with Sheen at that crazy party in 2010 when Sheen trashed the plaza Hotel room.

Many believe that Calamaro was a major contributing influence to Sheen and his crazy antics, allegedly even supplying Sheen with drugs.

Calamaro was said to be one of Sheen’s closest friends.  He was only 46 years old. So far there has been no statements from Sheen.


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