Holly Robinson Peete Goes at 50 Cent for Tweets he Made Regarding Autistic Kids – She should Be Careful

Holly has been a renegade for all things autism but she is picking a fight with a man that has ended many a career.  Not to mention, he already kinda apologized.


To defend 50, his tweet was in response to a fan saying that he would “shoot” fif if he didn’t release his album.

@50cent Release the album or get shot again.’

So 50 retweeted

‘yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic

Then 50 tweeted,

:’i dont want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else.’

@Yung_raditz tweet cent 50 fans going at him hard.  He spent the next 10 hours defending himself and saying that he really is a 50 fan.  Here are just 3 of the 15 or 20 responses that yung_raditz tweeted in his defense.

  • yea twitter is just entertainment
  • People have said worst to @50cent its just a joke he got over it and ya’ll groupies need to also.
  • Thanks for the promo @50cent I’m still gonna buy the album

                  @yung_raditz twitter photo


Fif, not to be a p**sy but he realized the impact that he might have had so he laughed it off, but there was truth in his gest,

‘just kidding about da special ed kids man, i was in special ed day said i had anger issues lol’.



In an open letter that she posted with Austism File magazine she states,

‘When I read (the tweet) it my heart sank. I thought maybe your account had been hacked. No such luck.’

‘You went on to joke about not wanting “special ed kids” on your timeline. Seriously, THIS is how you use your platform of 8 million plus followers??’

‘I’ve met you in passing over the years and I know you are a bright, astute businessman and legitimate philanthropist so it is with a bit of sincere confusion that I ask you… Do you even know what autism is?’

‘1 in 88 have it. That’s 1 in 54 boys. Families suffer a social stigma you will never know. It is a financial and emotional drain…

‘I hope you can see how what you might see as a benign insult-or not- was so randomly hurtful, immature and misinformed. Maybe you are naive or indifferent as to how many of your fans might be deeply and personally offended by your insult. At the very least-can you please delete it?’

‘Finally, this is my son Rodney Peete. He has autism. So I guess this is what autistic looks like? He is in special ed. He loves rap music and is a HUGE fan of yours. He’s a tremendous kid.

‘He has to deal with so much trying to fit in. This isn’t helping.’

Another mother tries to join in tweeting a picture of her son, trying to prove that maybe Autism doesn’t have a look.

‘@50cent This is what Autism looks like in my son Torren’.

Fif then replied – what again is sort of an apology, or at least an acknowledgement that Fif does understand the severity of the Autistic condition and would not seriously poke fun at it,

‘I would @Danicakes23 never talk about kids condition. People say all kinds of crazy things to me on twitter.’

Holly would have been much better off asking nicely then attacking him.  As I post this the comment still remains.  In fact, Holly has brought more attention to the tweet then if she would have left it alone and let it move naturally off the page.  50 tweets often and it would have been gone in just half a day.

You can attack fif all you want verbally, the man has been shot 9 times.  He’s been attacked by bigger talents over more severe issues…and he has been known to end careers.  The best thing that Holly can hope for is that she didn’t awake the giant, and if she did that he’s in a good move.

I bet Fif has done more in philanthropically in the past year then the starting squad on the Knicks.  Obviously it is not enough because the media, fans, and society are insatiable vultures and will zero in on the one anything they can to attack, even if it’s as small as a tweet.

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