Serena Williams Pays Tribute To Sister After Fifth Wimbleton Victory

Serena wasn’t the only sister to win today.  Venus was also a winner as Serena paid tribute to her older sister, as she captured her fifth Wimbledon title.  Between the two of them the William sisters now have 10 titles – taking 10 out of the last 13.

Venus was diagnosed last year with Sjorgren’s Syndrome.  The fatigue related illness keep t her out of competition until March this year.  Her last win came in Dubai 2010 and her last Grand Slam title was two years before that. In this year’s Wimbledon she was ousted in the first round to Russia’s Elena Vesnina, which has forced her world ranking to drop to 58.

Serena described just how much of an influence Venus has been in her life,

“I don’t know what I would have if Venus didn’t exist. I don’t even know if I would own a Grand Slam title or if I would play tennis, because we do everything together,”

“Growing up I copied Venus, everything she did. She was a real big influence for me. So when she started winning, I wanted it so bad. When she became number one I had to be number one.

“I had to work harder. I had to do everything in my power to get there. I have no idea what would happen if she wasn’t around.”

If you think this victory came easy, think again.  Serena won Wimbledon back in 2010.  Since then she has been through it!

  1. Stepped on broken glass and needed 2 foot operations
  2. Received emergency treatment for blood clots in her lungs
  3. Suffered a torn ligament
  4. Suffered an embarrassing loss in the Open last year and a first round loss in the French Open only a few weeks ago.

Her dominant performance serves as an answer to all who thought that at age 30  (Serena) and 32 (Venus), that the Williams sisters were just a memory.  If Serena’s win wasn’t enough, the two also earned their 5th Wimbledon’s  doubles trophy and they are both looking forward to taking their acts to London for the Olympic Games.

When asked if she thought she could pass Navratilova’s 18 wins or even Steffi Graf’s 22, Serena’s answer was,

“I don’t see why not,”

Right now, I don’t see why not either.


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