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Ashton Kutcher Caught Red Handed Kissing in Public. [photos]

Now you can throw all that friend crap out the window.  Ashton Kutcher is smashin’ Kunis and we all knew it.  I’m not sure why celebrities always try to lie, or do they just enjoy playing the dating game with the press.

These pictures of the two emerged this weekend during a party to celebrate the wrapping up of  Kutcher’s latest project the Steve Jobs biopic.

Kunis is more Kutcher’s speed.  He’s only 34 and she is 28 a better match in age and mentality then the 49 year old Demi Moore.

There was no holding back as Mila can be seen sitting on Kutcher’s lap and caressing his face.  You have to expect that the two will release some kind of statement soon, as they have not yet.

It was also reported that the two spent the day at the Hollywood forever Cemetery observing the anniversary of Munis grandmother’s death.  Something that personal is typically on shared with loved ones.


Despite this recent blatant display of pda as well as sharing the July 4th holiday at Kutcher’s house, Mila told August issue of Elle magazine that she is single,

‘I am totally single… Listen, we hang out. We’ve known each other for 15 years.’

‘We have mutual friends. We’re comfortable with one another. That’s it!’

‘There’s no crazy love story, nothing more.’

Mila also went on to actually complain about not being able to date like regular people,

‘Is a guy going to come up to me and ask if he can take me out on a date?’
Where can I go and have this date? I can’t go anywhere! My house, his house…So what do you do?’

‘I’m trying to be like a normal girl and a single girl… but the concept of being single and in my position is just not workable. I couldn’t even go on a date if I wanted to!’

It’s hard to believe that she was actually dating Macaulay Culkin.  Way to upgrade!  Now can Kutcher keep it in his pants long enough to have something substantial or is this just a grab and smash for him. Only time and the gossip blogs will tell.

Stay tuned.

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