Terrell Owens Returns to the NFL, Signs with Seattle Seahawks

I swear Terrell Owens has 9 lives.  Seattle who is desperate for wide receivers has recently signed Braylon Edwards and now Terrell Owens.  Like any place that Owens goes there will be and already is a ton of criticism for the decision to sign him.

At age 38, Terrell Owens is no spring chicken and coming off a torn ACL, this is almost unheard of.  What can’t be ignored is that he is in fantastic shape.  After his rehab Terrell performed a work out which he had his agent send out to every NFL team where he looked great.  He was all speed and hands looking more like 24 then 38.  Not an ounce of fat and ready to do work.

Apparently that’s just how he showed up in Seattle for his tryout with the team yesterday.  He signed a 1 year contract with the Seahawks.  The details of the deal have been confirmed as $925,000 with $640,000 counting against the salary cap.

If there was any doubt of the deal being sealed, Terrell confirmed it himself via his twitter.  He tweeted out Monday night,

God is good. Thankful. Grateful. To ALL my new teammates & the “12th Man”… Let’s Do This!!

Owens reportedly ran a 40 year dash time of 4.45.  Compare that with the wide receivers from this years NFL combine and he stack up pretty well.  The top 10 numbers were:

  • Travis Benjamin, Miami: 4:36 seconds
  • Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech: 4.36
  • Chris Owusu, Stanford: 4.36
  • A.J. Jenkins, Illinois: 4.39
  • Devon Wylie, Fresno State: 4.39
  • Tommy Streeter, Miami: 4.4
  • Chris Givens, Wake Forest: 4.41
  • T.J. Graham, N.C. State: 4.41
  • Kashif Moore, Connecticut: 4.42
  • Jarius Wright, Arkansas: 4.42

Hopefully Owens can get 1 or 2 seasons and retire with some money in the bank, we all know he has child support to pay.  You can see the clips of him on the Dr. Phil show where his exes all showed up and went crazy on him.

Here is a video of TO performing off his ACL surgery. His interview at the middle of the video is pretty good.


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