The 2nd Red Band Trailer for The Rza’s Man With the Iron Fists

When I heard that RZA was starring in a martial arts flick that he wrote a screenplay for and directed, I immediately thought of some low budget, hood, remake of “The Last Dragon”.  Au Contraire monfray, this is anything but.

I had to watch the trailer twice, and then I had to dig up the first trailer, once I learned that this was the 2nd.  This is anything but a low budget movie crappy attempt at a martial arts movie.  We are talking Russell Crowe, Cung le, and Lucy Lou.  We are talking Universal putting up $20 million on the project that the Rza has put more heart and soul into probably since the first Wu album.  This is his debut into film making and the legendary music producer has a lot to prove.

The screenplay was co-written by both Eli Roth.  Roth produced Grindhouse and both he and the Rza are avid Quentin Tarratino fans.  You will see some similarities that remind you of the Kill Bill movies.  Rza takes a lot of pride in the script and the project; he says it’s destined to be a classic,

 “I’m going to tell you that we put a lot of time into the script, a lot of energy into it, a lot of people were supporting me on it, and if the energy comes out right, it should be a classic film to have in your library,”

Last year Roth spoke highly about the RZa and the project,

 “We worked together on the script all summer, and we have watched and discussed many, many movies. He’s already got the soundtrack figured out. He understands every detail of the world. It’s going to be something spectacular, unique, and original that stays true both to the genre and to RZA’s fans. It’s a really fun script. We see this film as the first step in a franchise.”


“RZA’s one of the smartest, most creative people I have ever met. He’s obsessed with movies the same way Quentin [Tarantino] and I are, and his knowledge of the kung fu genre is nothing short of astounding. He knows everything, and everyone in it, and he’s on a mission to reinvent the genre he loves.”

This is one of those movies that if you are a fan of that genre then you will not be disappointed.

Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters on November 2nd.  It’s slated for a limited release but it looks like if you have to drive a little, it will be totally worth it.  I hope it delivers, that means there will be more.


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