Venus Williams Sitting with Elio PIS

Meet Venus Williams’ New Man. Introducing Elio Alberto Pis.

Her sister may be winning in tennis but Venus is doing something that Serena can’t seem to get right…she is winning in love.  She has a new man!

Not only is he a Cuban model, but 32 year old Venus is going Cougar on his ass!  He’s only 24.

His name is Elio Alberto Pis!  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – calm down ladies.  He’s got one of those sexy Cuban “three name” things going on.

It appears that you ladies aren’t the only ones heating up.  The two seemed to be very much into each other.  Elio was with his boo last week during the Grand Slam tourney.  There was no shortage of PDA, they were seen holding hands and kissing, squashing any speculation that the two are an item.

If there was still doubt, Elio sat with her family and friends while she competed, and I’m sure he was there to console after her quick exit in the 2nd round.

Pi’s and Venus worked on her new clothing line EleVen that will be appearing in New York during fashion week.  The 6’1 PIs modeled alongside Venus for her website, both dressed in Venus’ EleVen tennis gear.

Venus models with new Boyfriend Elio Alberto Pis Grey Outfit

Venus Williams and Elio Alberto Pis modeling for her website

PIs now lives in Miami and has modeled for French Vogue – I got my snoop on, and found some pics and even stumbled on to his Youtube Channel where there is some footage of a young 21 year old Elio flexing.  I can’t hate, dude looks I-ight (maybe better then i-ght) but this won’t last.  Age difference, cultural difference and financial differences will prove too much to overcome.

What do you think?

Elio Albert Pis close up, black and white Photograph

Elio Alberto Pis dating Venus Williams, NYC Photo full body

Elio Alberto Pis clean shaven, natural setting


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