George Clooney and Girlfriend Stacy Keibler

Forever a Bachelor: George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Call it Quits

Another one bites the dust.  Stacy Keibler has fallen victim to the George Clooney dump!  Let’s just hope that her star does not start to fall like the others and she is doing appearances at local hardware store openings.

Clooney aged 51who has 19 years on Keibler has had enough and has ended the relationship because like all the others, he does not want to settle down.

The first reports of the break up come from The Sun, where they report,

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler have ended their relationship because the actor doesn’t want to settle down.

Stacy said George wants to be on his own again and has no intention of getting married.

She hoped they would be together long-term. It was a big breakthrough to spend time with his parents. But over the last few weeks George has pulled away from her.

There has been no official split announcement but that is usually a bonus, no one owes us that but the public expects it  This all becomes rumor until either Clooney is seen with another girl, a tweet is sent out or someone’s rep releases a statement to People.

As I typically do when any news happens, I check twitter pages.  Usually when a woman is dumped she turns into Gandhi or Buddha and puts out spiritual messages to the Twitter universe (Demi Moore).  If the split rumors are true then Kiebler is taken this all in stride.  According to her twitter, the 31 year old is in New York for Fashion week and appears to be unfazed!

One of her last tweets came from a Vera Wang Fashion Show,

“Wow, @VeraWangGang killed it on the runway! I was blown away and can’t wait to get into some of those pieces!!! Vera #youmademyday (sic).”


Kiebler is young and smoking hot.  She can still put her assets to good use and find a man that doesn’t need Cialis to start a family.  Did you see the movie “The Descendants”? Clooney might look good in a suit, but the poor man couldn’t even run to his neighbors house, Kiebler was probably wearing his old ass out.

SIDE BAR – You have to love the tweets from guys who are trying to holla at Stacy through twiiter:

  1. What happen to George, Stacy? Cock too big? #ClooneyIsAPimp
  2. Hey stacy now that u r single again i will like to take u out for dinner and a movie!!! What do i say!!!??? Taco bell and a drive inn movie uh uh uh!!! How classy is that!!!???

You got to love social media.  If those guys saw Keibler in real life, they would be done before they started.


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