David Blaine Electrified Instagram photo

Video Trailer of David Blaine’s Newest Stunt Has Been Released on Youtube

On October 5th, David Blaine will be returning to New York to perform his next “so called” great feat.  The three day, three night event will be streamed live online.  It is not totally clear exactly what he will be doing, but a trailer released for the event shows him wearing some sort of body suit, getting electrified between two towers of power.    The issue is – I can’t find the freakin’ trailer anywhere online!

After some searching, I found it. You have to actually type into YouTube:

Electrified: One Million Volts Always On

It appears none of my colleagues seamed to figure that out.  The trailer description has no reference to David Blaine making it a challenge to locate, so there are reports regarding the trailer’s release but none posting the actual trailer – including the NY Times and Fox News (Sorry I had to call you guys out). Or….just visit his twitter account.

As you can see in the 30 second trailer below, this can be either really cool, or a waste of electricity.  Blaine’s last stunt in New York was hanging upside down for 60 hours without a net, 4 years ago, in Central Park.  It wasn’t much of a stunt, and it really wasn’t that great.  At the end he was supposed to do some sort of Dive of Death that also seemed to bomb.

At age 39, with a net worth of about $12 Million, he is still young and rich enough to do a few more of these, maybe he’ll get lucky and one will actually be good.  In my opinion he should just keep doing that Street Magic.  That’s why I became a fan.  That is just awesome (no other word to really describe it) – By the way, he owns the rights to all those shows on ABC – that’s how he made a large part of his money.  In case you are wondering how he gets paid from these stunts, “Electrified” will be sponsored by Intel. This is his second branded stunt, the first was Revolution in 2006 which was sponsored by Target.

He could also sell out and work for the man, he might lose his Street Cred but doing shows in Vegas like Copperfield might not be a bad idea.  David is worth about $150 Million.  How’s that for magic!


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