Did Mathew McConaughey Over do it With his Weight Loss?

About six weeks ago we spotted Mathew McConaughey at the NY premiere for his movie “Killer Joe”.  He had lost about 15 pounds and said that he was only half way there.

He has recently emerged and it looks like he has dropped that additional 15 pounds and maybe more.  The role that he is preparing for is the story of an electrician named Ron Woodroof.  Woodroof gets AIDS and due to the high cost and limitations of US approved treatments he must use underground drugs to treat his AIDS symptoms.  He eventually not only prolongs his lives through smuggled pharmaceuticals but he is able to help those around him.  The movie is called “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”.

McConaughey looks eerily like Steve Jobs in his last days. I wonder if Ashtun Kutcher will go that far for his role as Jobs.   Let’s hope this is over quick.  Looking at McConaughey like this is literally painful.


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