Kanye West Goes After Photographer When Asked About Reggie Bush

Watch Kanye West Lose his Cool When Asked About Reggie Bush!

This video clips gives you a real idea how it is to be hounded by the Paparazzi. Towards the end of the clip you will see that Kim and Kanye have a hard time pulling away due to so many photographers trying to snap photos.

When the clip starts, you see Kim and Kanye leaving Prime One Twelve a popular restaurant on Ocean Drive.  As the two are walking towards Kanye’s whip, there are dozens of photographers and questions being thrown at the two.  Then you hear one lady say that Reggie Bush is there.  Then she asks,

“Did you want to go and congratulate him on his pregnancy?”

Ye’ quickly changes direction and goes for the camera.  Kim holds him back while smiling and the lady seeing that she is on the verge of a multimillion dollar law suit, continues to ruffle Kanye’s feathers,

“It’s true. He is over there. Maybe you guys will have a baby soon, I’m sorry Kanye, it’s just my job.”

Kanye somehow cools himself down enough to get in the car and not run over the photographer.  This time I was feeling Kanye’s anger.  I realize that there is a price to fame but damn! I think there should be certain condition where Bitch Slapping should be legal.

And now I bring you…..Kanye and the Rage Face


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