Carly Rae Jenson Helps Justin Bieber when He falls down the stairs

Watch Justin Bieber Fall For Carly Rae Jenson – Singer Falls Downstairs While Performing

First of all, I’m pissed because I have to bring you the clip via Perez Hilton’s crappy pink player.  I’m in Heyuan, China and it’s the only video player that I could find with the clip.  Youtube, Facebook and twitter [more…]are all banned here!

However, nothing puts a smile on my face like a little Bieber mishap…ok maybe a Romney mishap but that would be too much to ask for.  Our little Bieber was at the Credit Union Center in Saskatoon performing with Carly Rae Jenson when the two are singing and walking down the stairs and Bieber’s feet slip from underneath him and takes 3 stairs on his ass. Kudos to Bieber for his recovery and Carly Rae for helping him up.

You can hear the thuds as Bieber butt cheeks hit stairs, but as if his butt was made of rubber he was up and back in tune.

Now I bring you….”Bumper Butt Bieber”

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