Accuser says, “Cee-Lo drugged and Raped Me and I have a Phone Conversation to Prove it”

We waited a little on this story to see if it really had legs.  As more details are unveiled, it appears that the accusations against Cee-Lo (real name: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway), include him slipping a mickey in the girls drink and then raping her.

The woman, who still has not identified herself, says that she and Cee-Lo decided to grab a drink in a sushi restaurant in downtown LA, that’s when she was slipped something in her drink.  The next thing she knew, she woke up bucked-naked in a room with Cee-Lo.

The incident happened in July.  The woman claims that she reported it immediately but the case took so long to manifest itself because she first reported it to local authorities, who then transferred the case to the LAPD.


Sources who are close to the investigation say that the LAPD had the alleged victim call Cee-Lo up and try to get him to admit to the incident.

Cee-Lo not being aware that he was being recorded, apologized and admitted that they did use ecstasy but he never admitted placing it in the woman’s drink.  He said that it was just a lil somethin’-somethin’ to help them enjoy each other’s company.


When Cee-Lo’s team heard this story they denied it completely.  Cee-lo officially says that nothing happened,

“Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.”

His camp claims that the allegations have taken so long because the accuser hired a civil lawyer first to try and get a settlement from Cee-lo which he of course rejected.  This forced her to then press criminal charges. Cee-Lo’s people say that if he did make such a admission on the phone, he would have been arrested already.

I call foul.  Extacy doesn’t cause you to lose consciousness.  Extacy is not a Ruthie, it enhances feelings that you already have it doesn’t cause you to blackout.

If this girl is lying I hope Cee-Lo goes after her for defamation.  I asked Cee-lo if he took the pu**sy, and he told me yes.  It was his and he is still playing with it now!


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