MTV’s “16 & Pregnant’s”, Jamie McKay Proves She’s and Idiot! Tweets Abortion Details of Her 2nd Baby.

Jamie McKay is only 18 and would have had her second baby.  She is one of the girls “who don’t deserve fame” from MTV’s ever so controversial show, “16 and Pregnant”.  Well Jamie decided to create her own sequel, 18 and pregnant up until recently.

Thursday she shared on twitter the ultrasound of her second baby along with the disturbing message,

“rest in peace little angel. September 17, 2012”

There was an immediate wave of sympathy for the teen.  Everyone assumed that she had miscarried.  After getting bombarded with sympathetic tweets, McKay took to twitter again to clear things up.

Yeah, you are probably as outraged by this as I am. If you are wondering about McKay and birth control,

I’m sure we all have our personal feelings about this decision but there is almost one thing that is fact.  Well two things: 1. McKay is an idiot and 2. She should have used birth control.  Yes I called her an idiot.  In fact her and the baby’s father, Ryan McElrath are both idotss.  It’s the same father as her first baby Miah.  With all the heartache, drama and sacrificing it took to give her first child a half way decent life, why not just use a condom?  Why, because they are idiots.

Once the baby is created; aborting or having it, is a whole different debate., one that I won’t get into.