Mark Cuban’s offers Donald Trump a Million Dollar Challenge – Will The Don Take it?

Donald Trump built up all this anticipation that he had a news bombshell to drop that ended up being nothing more than a challenge to Barack Obama for disclosing some personal records.  Trump said that if Obama complied that he would donate $5 Million to a charity in the presidents name.

Of course Obama refused, having more important issues to deal with.  In response to Donald’s challenge to the President, Mark Cuban weighed in during an interview on Fox4 in Dallas.  Cuban called the offer “one of the dumbest things ever”.

Cuban then offered a challenge back to Donald.  One that involved the moguls trademarked comb over.  Cuban challenged him to shave it off.

“But, I thought about responding to him. Maybe if I put up a million or two million, he’ll shave his head?”

So far there has been no response from Donald or his team.


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