Eddie Murphy’s Star Studded Tribute, His New Girlfriend and Russell Brand’s Bomb.

Spike TV held a dedication on Saturday night for Eddie Murphy. The tribute entitled “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” paid homage to Eddie’s legendary career.

The night was a star studded comedic affair as they celebrated Murphy’s accomplishments from his humble beginnings as a 15 year old aspiring comedian to his stand up record breaking film “Raw”, which still holds the record for the highest grossing stand up film of all times. Spike TV also walked through a film career that has produced classic movies as well as classic characters, such as: Axel Foley, The Nutty Professor, Prince Akeem, and many more. (There was no mention of his recent flops: Meet Dave, Best Defense, or A Thousand Words. It was a tribute not a Roast. )


Samuel Jackson, Adam Sandler, Tracey Morgan, Russell Brand, Arsenio Hall, Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder, and the list of celebrity attendees go on and on.

From the start of the night on the red carpet, it was all about Eddie. He showed up with his new girlfriend in tow. No, not Rosci, but Australian model Paige Butcher. She came correct, rocking a tight fitting blue dress and flirting relentlessly with Eddie throughout the whole night. In case she looks familiar it’s because she is. She smashed the homies! She dated Tyson Beckford and Russell Simmons – it seems she knows what she likes and has no problem getting it.

The red carpet is also where the comedy started.

Arsenio Hall: You’re about to get your ass kissed for two hours,”

Eddie Murphy: “I would like to see what that feels like before I say no.”

Russell Brand Bombs with Michael Jackson Joke:

What Russell Brand didn’t know is that Michael Jackson, child molestation jokes never went well with black audiences. Now after his untimely death, they really don’t go well. Brand launches into what he thinks is going to be a knee slapper, but the crowd thought otherwise,

“Michael Jackson is a genius, and you have to separate their genius from their hobbies, I’m just saying $20 million is a lot of money to give to a child he didn’t f***.”

WHOMP WHOMP. That joke got a wince from Eddie and a groan from the crowd.

Chris Rock took a stab at provocative humor and decided to make an interracial joke despite Murphy’s very Caucasian date for the night. Rock’s joke, unlike Brand’s went over well,

“Here’s my favorite Eddie story. Eddie, me, way before I got famous, Keenen [Ivory Wayans], Arsenio, and 20 black guys at the China Club. A white girl runs up and says, ‘Eddie Murphy, I love you, you’re my favorite of all time. I’ve never kissed a black man before. Please let me kiss you. May I please kiss you?’ Eddie looks at her and goes, ‘You can’t start at the top. You’ve got to kiss one of these broke ni**as first.”

Now that’s funny! I wonder if Murphy’s date Paige could relate.

Spike TV will show the 2 hour special on Nov. 14th at 10 p.m.