diane sawyer

Watch Diane Sawyer, Drunk? Tired? or Just Entertaining

During the election if you were like me, you were clicking through channels in a frenzy trying to keep up with all the polls.  At one point I did have it on ABC and noticed that Diane Sawyer was “off” her game slightly.

Then I see trending on twitter Diane Sawyer “drunk”.  What??

I make a note to follow up on this in the morning and when I do, I stumble onto this video clip.  It’s a montage of her “worse moments if you will.  If you look at her with the bias that she is drunk then she definitely appears that way.  Her words, body language and her demeanor suggest an Election Day shot or two.  When you watch her, the only thing missing form her left hand is a glass of bourbon.

New York Time media reporter Brain Stelter tried to deflect the talk away from drinking and blamed lack of sleep by claiming she is just tired.

You decide – what say you?