Skinny Snooki Goes Red for Launch of her “Snooki Couture” Line.

Snooki has abandoned her signature updoo for a fiery Red Weave, just in time for the launch of her new fragrance along with a line of jewelry and hair accessories all of which will be available on November 12th.  She has been selling them since November 8th on HSN.


The 24 year old describes her new fragrance as fresh and feminine with a playful of sexiness.  A 3.4 fl. oz. bottle comes sales for $45.  He nail polish retails at $28.50 for the entire collection.

If you didn’t know, this is Snooki’s second perfume.  Her signature fragrance simply called “Snooki” launched earlier this year and was the best full-price brand selling at Perfumania!

The jewelry and hair accessories will be sold only at for $9.99 and lower.  Snooki knows her fans and is aware of their budget and spending habits.  $9.99 is just right.  She also hits them with a wide selection giving them four separate styles to choose from.  Wild Nights, Daily glam, Stars and Studs and Top it Off.  Top it Off is segment which includes the hair accessories.

We might laugh at ‘Snooks’ but she is well on her way to being a mini-mogul. Her various hustles include sunglasses, handbags, shoes, slippers, lipstick, perfume, sunless tanning products, and  her show on MTV, “Snooki and JWow” has been renewed for a second season.  Snooki is the butt of many jokes, but that is one rich butt and she is laughing it to the bank.

Also Kudos to Snooki who was once chunky, has lost weight, had a baby and is back to her old new skinny self.  Snooki just might get nominated for the HHOF (Hustlers Hall Of Fame).

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s networth is: $ 4 Million