Russell Brand Crashes Range Rover, Comic Hits a Homeless Man’s Shopping Cart

Funny guy, (or not so funny guy) Russell Brand was cruising through Hollywood at 9 in the morning when he crashed his Range Rover into the shopping cart of a homeless man.  Immediately after striking the cart, Brand jumped out and helped the man who had basically his entire life emptied and sprawled all over the street.  When Brand jumps out, he leaves his Range Rover in the middle of the street stopping traffic, while other drivers also jump out to help him frantically clean the street.

Luckily no one was injured.  That is the 2nd time this year that Brand hit or allegedly hit something or somebody.  He is currently being sued for $25,000 from a man that claims that Brand hit him in L.A.  The victim in that incident named Victor Sneed is suing Brand for personal injury, property damage and lost wages.

Somehow Three Mile Zone got footage of the incident – when TVST grows up we want to be just like TMZ. Can you tell which is the homeless guy and which is Russell Brand?  The 43 second video clip is worth the watch just to see Russell’s jog back to his car. Priceless.

This is Russell Brand in what I call “Feeling light in My Loafers”

Russell Brands Net Worth is: $15 Million


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